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How to make beer: Bathtub Beer

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bathtub Beer

According to Alan Moen, author of "The distiller's manifesto", "A lack of proper equipment, supplies and information about the process created the fog of ignorance that persists today. Just as much of the "bathtub beer" created during the era was of poor quality, the same was true of the whiskey."

Simply put, bathtub beer is a term that is used to describe home brewing. It has its roots in shoddy or illegal home brewing practices during prohibition, but is not necessarily so today. Home brewing today is possible with good sterile technique and outstanding glass or stainless equipment.

The actual use of a bathtub for aiding in the temperature regulation of your carboys during primary fermentation will work, but means no bath for you. It may also prove helpful in catching any spilt wort or foam, but so will a large bucket, without losing the traditional use of your bathtub.

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